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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Back TwinUsually, this is the type of stuff that brokedickdog will send in, but I found this early Wednesday morning.

An 11-year-old girl in China has lived with body parts of a parasitic twin growing out of her back, and is finally going to have an operation to remove them.

The fetus' protruding chest and arm have grown in size along with the girl's own body. But the fetus is now so big that it is damaging her health.

Her parents, who have saved up for the operation since her birth, say they now have enough money for the surgery to go ahead. Read the full story here.



At 9:43 AM EST, Blogger brokedickdog said...

Wow, good catch. But don't worry, I am not slipping.

With China, India and Bolivia more open than ever, I suspect I will have plenty more "polymelia" articles to contribute.

the ryhme animal

At 10:37 AM EST, Anonymous JOJO said...

I've seen the headfetus on South Park

At 11:25 AM EST, Blogger Big Primpin' said...

BD -- Good, there can never be too much polymelia.

And jojo -- I think South Park is a cartoon, as opposed to reality. But let me double check.

At 9:42 AM EST, Anonymous Miles said...

I think this chick was in Total Recall but her part was cut. I read that Quato was supposed to have a twin, but they decided to go in a new direction.


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