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Friday, November 09, 2007

Review: Real Time With Bill Maher

I don't doubt that I'm uncultured, but I just witnessed something I don't see very often.

The host of a live television talk show got heckled as I was watching. Bill Maher had three guests on tonight, one of whom was conservative pundit Chris Matthews. I was in the kitchen when I noticed Maher had cut himself off from saying something because of a disturbance in the crowd.

Minutes later, one person had been escorted out and several others remained in attendance to disrupt the live show. I'm a big fan of Bill Maher, but it was still cool seeing a live interruption based on political passion.

If you missed it, check your TV listings to watch for the reruns this week on HBO. It happens about 20 minutes in.



At 11:20 PM EST, Anonymous ace said...

"conservative" pundit chris mathews? riiiiggggghhhhhhtttt

At 11:55 AM EST, Blogger brokedickdog said...

Conservative? I don't suggest that you change this or any posting. Comments are used to further "clarify" or "define" one's thoughts.

I'll go first. Chris Matthews is not a conservative pundit.

At 12:39 PM EST, Blogger Big Primpin' said...

I think my dude ace from Cleveland called this out over the weekend. I don't know Matthews' takes well; I just remember him being fairly anti-gay and Jon Stewart ripping him.

At 10:56 PM EST, Blogger Marcus Riley said...

Matthews is on MSNBC.. that's all you need to know.

I did catch that maher episode.. it was awesome..


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