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Friday, September 05, 2008

Arrest Update

I don't think I seek out attention too terribly, but I have no problem admitting that I enjoy it when it comes my way.

What's happened in the last 12 hours, however, is nothing that I would ever hope for.

Many of you know now that I was arrested Thursday night while shooting a protest in St. Paul, site of this week's Republican National Convention. I know that because as I sat at the airport restaurant -- how does a slow-roasted pork sandwich get served in two minutes? -- and checked email over lunch a short time ago, I had to fight back tears because so many of you took a minute out of your day to wish me well and express your hope that I was OK. Thank you so much.

So when I'm not catching up on sleep, watching Ohio State and loaning my apartment to a friend for her end-of-summer party, I hope to get you all caught up this weekend with what really happened. There might be some things I cannot yet write about, and/or pictures/videos I might not be able to post. But I promise you'll see some new stuff in the next couple days, including my mug shot in which I'm smiling.

And thanks also to those who've almost served as a personal clipping service. Immediately below is the story that's on the MyFox network, but below that are some other referrals that friends have sent in today.

+ MyFox

+ CarlosMiller.com


+ Freemarketnews.com

+ Pegasus News

+ Political Crier

+ StopBigMedia.com

+ TVSpy.com

+ What Would Lincoln Do?

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At 5:51 PM EDT, Anonymous Susan said...

So glad you are ok... was worried when I heard, but alas, I can't wait for the holiday card with your mugshot on it!



At 11:53 AM EDT, Anonymous Miles said...

This has to be the best cover story for "I spent the night in the drunk tank again" I have ever read. I usually just say I "fell asleep on the train" but this is much better. Too bad you can only use it every four years.


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