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Monday, September 29, 2008

Terrell Owens/Celebrity Plane Crash

Just a week after Terrell Owens earned heavy praise for a team-first performance at Green Bay, he's resorted to being, well, himself.

He threw some blocks, sprinted downfield to throw a key block during a teammate's long touchdown run and also hustled across the field to make the tackle on an interception return. That was in a key road win on primetime television at fellow NFC power Green Bay. Great for him.

But in Sunday's loss to Washington, Owens caught seven balls, then complained after the game that that wasn't enough. Seven catches for 71 yards projects to 112 catches and 1,136 yards over a season. Those are Pro-Bowl numbers, especially if your name is Terrell Owens and you wear a blue star on your silver helmet. How do you complain about that?

Too, TO also got two carries on weak gadget plays. In his 13th season, perhaps he would have been better served to block on those plays for speedy teammate Miles Austin, who clearly has better wheels.

And Pro-Bowl quarterback Tony Romo threw to Owens on nearly a dozen other occasions. Romo certainly made a couple of poor throws, but on other occasions, Owens didn't get open, ran a loose route and definitely alligator-armed a quick slant that fell incomplete in the second half because a defender was poised to re-arrange Owens' rib cage.

If you want to earn those big dollars, experience the privelege of being a superstar on the NFL's most storied franchise and be able to run your mouth as freely as you do, don't short-arm makeable catches.

Whatever points he earned in Green Bay last week he gave back in the home team's clubhouse moments after Sunday's loss. And for that he needs to be on the Celebrity Plane Crash.

Which celebrity would you add?



At 3:56 PM EDT, Anonymous Miles said...

T.O. also invented the "star celebration" which was adopted by the Redskins, which was criticized by the Cowboys this week. 42 Super Bowls, only 5 WR's MVPs. And T.O. still thinks he wins games on his own. He should take up golf or fly-around-the-world-in-a-balloon-solo.

At 12:10 PM EDT, Anonymous Jennifer said...

David Hasslehoff - I thinks he should get a first class seat


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