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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Career News

I recently accepted a new job and have turned my notice into FOX.

I will be a platform manager for the New York NBC affiliate's newly re-launched Web site, nbcnewyork.com. WNBC is the nation's oldest and among the most well-known stations in the country.

I'll basically be managing the site, but could be asked to jump in in other areas, which explains the broader title.

My last day on the FOX national desk is Nov. 28 and my first day at WNBC will be Dec. 3. Please take a look at the new site if you have a minute. Feedback is always welcome.



At 12:26 PM EST, Blogger wall said...

Awesome news and congratulations.

At 1:11 PM EST, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow... congrats!

At 2:34 PM EST, Anonymous ace said...

Look out Daily Kos here comes Big Primpin

At 9:27 AM EST, Anonymous Patti K said...

Congratulations! I hope this means you don't have to get up 4 am to go to work anymore.


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