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Friday, March 20, 2009

Is Past Truly Prologue?

I've been saying for years how great it would be to get rid of all the clutter and take on more of a minimalist existence.

I don't mean I'd get rid of everything; I'd certainly keep my clothes, my media and gadgetry and kitchen necessities.

But I'd get rid of more than just paperwork. Do I really need to hold onto a small statue or a wall hanging so I can tell curious visitors I got it in Singapore? Or was it Bali?

I am, however, one of those sensitive, nostalgic types. I do like thinking back to those and other trips. Ahh, the stories.

But do I need the stories? I'm getting ready to begin the second half of my life and the stories haven't helped me so far. And I'll still have these stories, just not the trinkets that trigger inquiries from others, and that's plenty OK.

So as I prepare for my move to Brooklyn next week, is it OK to just get rid of a lot of my stuff? It will certainly make the move easier and I'll no doubt find new things about which to become sentimental. Or should I keep everything because the past is irreplaceable? Once something gets pitched, isn't it gone forever?



At 7:08 PM EDT, Blogger emily lang said...

It depends on what philosophy you truly subscribe to. Are you truly a minimalist at heart or a sentimental nostalgic? I think you are what you are and there's really no decision making about it. If you're gonna regret letting all your stuff go then don't do it.

At 7:43 PM EDT, Anonymous Bruce Holtgren said...

What Emily said. I'm a sentimentalist myself, and my basement shows it.

But I also have found that if you're gonna chuck stuff, moving is definitely the time to do it. If I had not, at one point, moved 15 times over the course of 17 years, I'd have a ton more crap than I have now, most of which I frankly don't miss that much now.

At 7:50 PM EDT, Anonymous Trane said...

pitch the shit bro. you'll never even miss it.

At 8:22 PM EDT, Anonymous johnny peacock said...

I think more people should let go of some stuff. We have too much clutter in our lives as it is. I do like the minimalist approach. How bad would it be to let go of some sentimental things as well? You always have the stories and you are a great writer. Start fresh with this move with the bare essentials and see what happens. I dont think you'll regret it.

At 10:14 PM EDT, Blogger Tracy said...

That is how I started Ebaying. We moved and I sold everything. I made really good money and now it is hope I make a living. Don't pitch it, sell it!!!

At 6:23 PM EDT, Blogger Big Primpin' said...

I forgot to mention I've talked about selling on eBay/Craigslist for years but because I'm the laziest man alive, I don't get around to it. The collection just grows and collects dust. So yeah, I'm going to pitch some stuff.


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