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Monday, August 10, 2009

Metuchen Monster?

My old boss and good friend @jtmyfox asked me to watch his dogs for the week while his family is away on vacation. I arrived at about 9:30 a.m. today, and before the clock struck 10, his dogs and I stumbled upon a tiny little helpless newborn animal that was clinging to life and screeching for help.

I got some warm water and poured it all over the mysterious creature, whose eyes aren't even open yet.

I made several calls, then finally got to someone at a nearby animal control agency. She told me that as nice as it was for the dogs to stand guard over the poor animal, I should take the dogs inside and let the animal continue to cry out, assuring me that the mother will eventually return to make the rescue. The precious dogs put up a fight as I dragged them back into the house, and once inside, they continued to show their concern for the creature.

And it didn't help matters when I uploaded a short clip to my laptop. Before I could hit the mute button on the computer, the first couple of seconds of the video captured some of the sad cries, prompting a round of howls from the dogs. I hope to report a happy ending to you later. Meanwhile, here's a short video of the episode:

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At 1:15 PM EDT, Blogger emily lang said...

That's a newborn squirrel. Mom can't help it, if it fell out of the nest.

If you leave it out there, it will get eaten by something. Google the nearest Wildlife Animal Rescue, they should have volunteers that rehabilitate and raise different animals (based on specialty) and will refer you to take it to whoever has the space for it.


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