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Sunday, February 03, 2008


Everyone has an opinion on Brady's ankle, but how come no one's talking about that obscene growth on Belichick's lip?

MORE SUPER NOTES: On ESPN Game Day, I was pleasantly surprised to hear some refreshing honesty from analyst Ron Jaworksi. The fellas were talking about the controversy surrounding the Patriots' videotaping habits.

Jaworski said, basically, anything you can do to get an edge, do it. Kind of like counting cards, his backup quarterback with the Rams in the 1970s studied the opponents' play-calling in one particular game. Midway through the second quarter, the backup finally figured out a call or a formation, and knew a blitz was coming, so he threw a red towel on the ground and Jaworski picked up on it as the Rams' offense broke the huddle. Sure enough, Jaws audibled at the line, found a wide open receiver over the middle of the field and the play went for a touchdown.

Stealing signs like that seems low-budget compared to today's thievery possibilities, but for 30+ years ago, that was probably as high-tech for its time as videotaping other teams' tendencies seems today.

And after Jaws told that story, Steve Young, another former quarterback and probably the smartest and most articulate of all NFL analysts right now, disagreed but the pair had to cut to a commercial. Would have been nice to see that argument play out.

KRAUDED HOUSE: ESPN's little kid reporter, Jason Krause, usually annoys with that worthless "Takin' It To The House" segment, but his Super Bowl Media Day piece was excellent. He asked one player for some tips with the ladies, mistook Giants' backup QB Jared Lorenzen, aka The Hefty Lefty, for an offensive lineman and got kudos on his jacket from Tom Brady. Well done, kid. Now just fix that lisp in the offseason and perhaps you'll be able to turn those tips into real romance one day.

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