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Friday, March 07, 2008

Googling Me

A lady friend recently told me she was surprised there was very little to find about me when she Googled me.

But because I'm the most arrogant a-hole I know, I'm fully aware of how to get lots of Google results when searching my name. She searched "John Wise," but we all know "John P. Wise" is the way to go in 2008, right?

So if you Google merely first and last name, and skip the middle initial, you get these clowns:

+ This guy is one of the first John Wises I remember seeing out there online. He has a Photo Of The Day blog, which occasionally has some really good shots.

+ I remember seeing this guy in early searches as well. It seems all the John Wises I find have east coast roots, and this one was a Massachusetts clergyman from 1680-1725.

+ This guy is who you get in touch with when you have questions about the Balloon Society of Central Pennsylvania. And at some point, I know you will.

+ Homeboy says, "To the right, you'll find what's new in this place." But when you look to the right, the last update is July 31, 2005. I never liked this guy.

+ When I was changing majors the first time in college, the choices were either General Studies or Toxicology and Molecular Epidemiology. That's what this dude is into. To each his own, right?

+ Another smart guy runs the Wise Laboratory of Environmental and Genetic Toxicology.

+ John Wise is the Mayor of Enumclaw, Wash.

+ I agree with medical cartoonist John Wise that laughter is the best medicine.

+ Financial representative John Wise will call you once a week during dinner to try to offer his products and services, even if you ask to be taken off his call list.

+ Another smartie-pants. Maybe I should have gotten into medicine. Nah, there are way more ladies to be had in online news.



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