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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cincinnati/Louisville Visit

Here's some late notice, but I'm going to be in Cincinnati and Louisville this weekend. I'd love to see as many of you as possible. Here's where I'll be:

+ Thursday, Oct. 2: I'll be speaking about my RNC arrest, covering a political convention, my Karl Rove run-ins and new media. This all goes down at 6 pm at the UC Center for Community Engagement, 2639 Stratford Avenue. (Click Here for more details.)

+ Friday, Oct. 3: I have a photography show at The Avenue Lounge from 6-9pm. The Avenue Lounge is located at 411 Madison Avenue in downtown Covington, Ky. And yes, this is the same location that that nasty strip club The Pad used to call home. I'll have some of my 2008 work on display, as well as some familiar pieces. Bring those checkbooks!

+ Saturday, Oct. 4: I'll be in Louisville. Hit up my cell if something good is going on.

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At 4:03 PM EDT, Anonymous Miles said...

No love for Millions? And I didn't see "Blackout, then drunk dial up to the R's" on the agenda.

At 7:18 PM EDT, Anonymous Matt said...

When you see Karl Rove, or whenever you do, make sure to punch him in the throat. It will please me.

At 7:40 AM EDT, Anonymous Wall said...

Dammit John, where's the recap?


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