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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Who Needs Tickets?

Cincinnati Reds Opening Day tickets went on sale at a grocery store in my neighborhood here in Louisville Saturday morning. The plan was to wake up earlier than I normally would on a Saturday morning, creep over to Meijer and get some tickets to sell on eBay. But at least nine -- maybe 11 -- snowflakes fell on Greater Louisville overnight, meaning one couldn't travel on a five-mile stretch of highway without encountering a handful of wrecks and the subsequent delays that follow.

Most of my friends know my middle initial is P, because I use it in my byline, but I'll reveal today that it surely does not stand for punctual. If there's a chance to make some money, however, count me in for being on time.

Saturday was a different story. I took the phone book with me in case I had questions about directions, time of sale, etc. And after being delayed by two accidents, a detour that took my off my only familiar path and fielding a phone call from a like-minded friend in Cincinnati wanting to inquire about my ticket-purchasing plans, I arrived 11 minutes late, at 9:11 a.m., which should have been a sign in itself. Keep in mind that Opening Day tickets sold out in 12 minutes last year.

By the time I got to the counter, they only had singles available, so I didn't purchase any. But as I turned to leave, one nice man saw my disappointment and offered to sell me two of his six. I grabbed them pretty quickly, and will soon have them on eBay.

All that just to make a couple dollars. I think I'll just start a foundation or something. I'd never have to be on time, would I?


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