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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Friday Night Out

Grabbed a happy hour beverage with Sylvia at the very hot Private Park, the impressive outdoor bar at the Hudson Hotel near Columbus Circle. A very cool spot, but if your wallet is like mine, it's only the kind of place to have one or two drinks. I'd need a loan to spend a whole evening there.

Later that night, a sizable group met at Uva, a surprisingly cool wine bar within walking distance for me on the Upper East Side. Most UES joints cater to frat boys and beer pong, but Uva was perfect for the occasion, which was co-worker Arun's birthday.

And Cincinnati Reds beat writer and old friend John Fay is in town for the Reds-Mets series, so it was nice of him to visit us out.

I'll try to bring some funny back into the mix. I've just been real busy working on a new dance move for my next party, which is July 28. Hope you can make it.



At 11:35 AM EDT, Anonymous wall said...

hope you gave Fayman the bill.

At 2:33 PM EDT, Blogger Vegas Gopher said...

Did you know that Sheldon is also covering the Reds, for MLB.com? I bet he was in town as well.


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