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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another Rookie Move

I used to claim I'm not star struck, but I probably am sometimes. There are occasions when I've reacted to seeing someone by just walking up and saying hello, and other times when I've overthought the situation and scrapped the greeting altogether, then kicked myself later.

But on the walk home from work with Kelly today, we were busy with our usual routine of staring and judging all manner of women when I saw someone who I wouldn't necessarily classify as a star, but he's definitely on the smart crowd A-list. Chuck Klosterman was standing on 3rd Avenue in the mid-70s and I completely and carelessly interrupted what appeared to be a serious moment between him and a colleague.

I said hello, introduced myself, told him I work in media as well (as if that made me cooler) and insisted that I'm a big fan. Then I went back to judging the passing women with Kelly.



At 4:04 PM EDT, Anonymous Wall said...

I'm impressed that you recognized the Chuckster

At 10:40 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Google is down. Who's Chuck Klosterman?

At 7:51 AM EDT, Anonymous Chuck Klosterman said...

Who is Chuck Klosterman?


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