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Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend Recap

I had a couple of beers on Thursday night, so I stayed in on Friday and figured I'd begin a project that was long overdue.

I'm a notoriously cluttery person. Piles of paper and junk and notes from unfinished projects and things I say I'm gonna need at some point in the next seven years. Despite an average of one move every 18 months over the last decade, one thing that has -- for better or worse -- not gotten left behind is my clutter.

I seriously say things like this to myself when deciding whether to hold onto something: I'd better save that article my mom sent me in 1999. I seriously might consider this type of walking shoe someday.

So I went through my file cabinet and shredded about 10 pounds of paper that was no longer important. And just when I felt like I was about two-thirds of the way through the effort, I put in a movie. Such a move only makes sense for someone who's as incapable of finishing projects as I've always been.

Netflix sent me "Letters From Iwo Jima," which was outstanding.

Saturday was quite productive. I don't think I told you that last weekend I finally got my ass over to the Met and set up shop. I didn't sell a ton of my art, but I did sell a few pieces, and did some networking and PR as well, all on a lovely Saturday afternoon.

And I thought about going back just this past Saturday, but I instead finished the shredding, ran some important errands and finally played ball for the first time since I've been up here.

The scene of a summer afternoon in Central Park was just as I'd pictured, lots of ballplayers, walkers, bikers and the smell of marijuana and Colt 45 near the basketball courts.

My neighbor Joe is a big kid, and we rolled down to the park at about 4. It was so packed that we finally got on about an hour later, and after a one-point loss, would have had to have waited three more games, so we just packed up and split.

Sarah from work had her birthday party later at Keats' karaoke bar near Grand Central Station. I'm not a karaoke guy, so I just sat back and had a couple beers early.

I then left to meet Carolyn at my new favorite bar, The Auction House. It's the rare New York bar with an Upper East Side address but without pretention or a college crowd. It offers good, loungey music and velvet couches, a dimly lit ambience and a surprisingly decent prices.

Getting back to the inability to finish projects . . . I got my mom one of those digital photo frames for Christmas, and when it didn't read the CF card I put in there, I figured maybe the images were too heavy. So I planned to rework the slideshow by sizing the images down and saving them on an SD card instead.

Eight months ago.

I finally got around to doing that on Sunday, so mom, if you're reading, expect something in the mail soon. Sorry about that.



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