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Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Ohio State University

In a time of national crisis when security is at an all-time high, I have a recommendation, on behalf of all Buckeyes football fans, for the Ohio State athletic department: Keep doing what you're doing.

Several years ago, friends Matt and Al slid down to the turf of Ohio Stadium moments after an OSU-Michigan game, then joined some of the players -- complete strangers -- in the walk toward the locker room. After Al feasted on the post-game spread and Matt snuck punter B.J. Sander's jersey into his coat, the pair joined hands with still-dressed Buckeyes players in a postgame prayer.

And nine months ago, I snuck into the media reception room in Times Square's Hard Rock Cafe minutes after Troy Smith won the Heisman Trophy.

The latest security breach took place last week, when ad tycoon and good friend Steve Susi slithered into the Big 10 preseason media luncheon at just the right time: As Jim Tressel was addressing the crowd of nearly 1,000. Here's a description from Steve:

Last week I came back from Rio de Janeiro and went straight to Chicago for meetings at our office there, which is connected to the Hyatt Regency downtown, the site of the Big 10's annual Media Luncheon.

I got wind of it going on, ran downstairs, and snuck in just in time to watch the last three speakers (yeah, they went on in alphabetical order): Paterno, Tiller and The Tress.

Attached is a super high-quality camera phone movie (Ed note: sarcasm is suspected here) I took of The Vest talking about the excellence of football in the state of Ohio. Listen closely and you'll hear him bring up Miami.

P.S. -- It's a long story, but last month I was informed by ESPN that I'd won the grand prize in the ESPN Ultimate Rio Sweepstakes that I entered online, which sent me and a guest (Anthony) to a deluxe, five-star-everything week in Rio for the Pan Am Games. Absolutely incredible. If not the best ever, then definitely one of the top three weeks I've ever experienced. It happened so fast that I didn't really get a chance to tell anyone about it.

And since we're showing video clips today, why not enjoy this one sent in by PAE correspondent Lee Gerowitz?



At 12:50 PM EDT, Blogger Susie said...

Look, I love The OSU as much as the next girl-whose-dad-went-there, but let's focus on what's important here: that Steve Susi guy is cute. And I kind of want to marry him just so I could be Susie Susi. Because that would be awesome, no?

At 2:00 PM EDT, Anonymous Cradle of Coaches said...

Wow Susie, you're really thinking. If only your middle name was Oleander, then your monogram would be reflective of your desire to escape that relationship... Steve Susi eats babies for breakfast. Then waits 'til they're of legal age to take them out to a nice dinner and a movie... you should be so lucky. I had Steve for four of the best years of my life!

At 4:34 PM EDT, Blogger Susie said...


Um, how 'bout them Buckeyes?!

At 7:22 AM EDT, Anonymous GATOR said...

We own you worthless nuts.

At 10:02 AM EDT, Anonymous Miles said...

Seems like there is a lot of "guest" blogging on PAE lately. Has the Wise well run dry?


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