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Friday, December 07, 2007

Jason Buroker Opening In Cincinnati Tonight

Jason Buroker's Art ShowEverybody's favorite phospherescent painter, Jason Buroker, is showing his work at Nancy Stephens' joint in Newport, Ky., tonight beginning at 5 p.m.

Jason's Web site gives you a glimpse at what his work is all about. Just a quick look at his pieces is impressive enough, but if you mouse over the images on his site, they'll give you what is basically a glow-in-the-dark effect. But his Web site does not do his work any justice. You MUST see it for yourself in person, and have him explain not only how he achieves the effect, but also what some of his more abstract pieces actually mean. You'll be blown away.



At 1:00 PM EST, Blogger brokedickdog said...

I can't agree more, Buroker’s work really is incredible.

You need to see it in person and say WOW. Then you wonder how the hell does he come up with that? Then you look at it some more and say that is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Then as you continue to stare, it subtly changes colors and you do it all over again.

My favorite is his first painting- what about you?

At 1:49 PM EST, Anonymous Boozer said...

I can't wait to peep it tonite.

At 2:11 PM EST, Anonymous Von-Lichtenstein said...

This art show was long over do. I enjoyed every minute of it.

My favorite is the one with the sphere in the middle that looks 3D when glowing.


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