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Friday, March 14, 2008

Uncomfortable Moment At Work

It's not uncommon for me to cause uncomfortable moments because I often steer conversations in inappropriate directions, but this one bordered on extremely awkward.

There's a lovely young black gal who just started working on my floor. I'm the first one in every morning and sometimes she's the second one. So we'll sometimes talk for a few minutes, and just a moment ago she told me she saw Eli Manning at Macy's the other day. She closed the story by saying she didn't think he's attractive, so I asked her what kind of dudes she does favor.

Me: "Oh, so you like black men, huh?"
Girl: "No, I said Brad Pitt," she replied with her strong-ish Haitian accent.

I really don't know how I got "black men" from "Brad Pitt." Perhaps because I'm a moron.

I guess it wasn't that uncomfortable, but not entirely a laugh-out-loud moment either. I'm going back to work now.



At 9:42 AM EDT, Anonymous Wall said...

Once again you've done the impossible and misquoted yourself. I'm fairly sure this is the actual caonversation, Me: "Oh, so you like black men, huh? me too.".....


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