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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Client 9

New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer looks to be out of a job. Here are some thoughts:

  • I'll call him a loser for cheating on his wife and presumably lying to her and the family subsequently, but I won't necessarily call him a scumbag for financing prostitution. Being sexually deviant I'm guessing is not always a choice. At some point during your adulthood, or if you're an 18-year-old girl on Spring Break and Joe Francis' "Girls Gone Wild" camera crew is approaching, you realize you've got quite the sexual appetite. Some people have active imaginations that turn into hungry physical desires and even perhaps unusual fetishes. I've read some pretty dark stuff over the years, and one common theme about prostitution is that those who buy it aren't only turned on by the sex, but moreso by the illegality of it. There's a thrill factor there for those who love danger. In fact, those who pay for sex are often "normal" men leading "normal" lives who have decent jobs and wives and kids. Don't judge a person for his or her sexual preferences.

  • But I will call him a dumbass. And you should feel free to judge harshly about his choices considering his job title and marital status. When all you do in your professional life is achieve, it's probably safe to say you're a man of strong character. But sooner or later, you need to realize that you cannot simultaneously be paying for sex when your business card reads "Governor, State Of New York." Especially if you're married. These things typically do not mix well. If you're the governor, stop paying for sex, and stop having sex with anyone other than your wife.

  • I never get why wives almost always show up at press conferences taking the stand-by-your-man approach when the heroic husband is announcing that he's an adulterer. He's committed the ultimate sin. You don't owe him an appearance just because a bunch of reporters have gathered around a podium with a state seal on it.

  • I also don't get why people like Hillary Clinton and others say things like, "We've got the Spitzer family in our thoughts and prayers right now. We know this is a tough time for them." That makes it sound like hooker-boy is a victim here, and he's the farthest thing from it.



    At 9:07 PM EDT, Anonymous Matt said...

    We are in full agreement.

    My thoughts when I saw this story break were (in order):

    1.) What a dumbass. Kill your marriage and career in one fell swoop! Way to go, moron.

    2.) Wifey looks thrilled to be there. Bad enough hubby cheats on you with someone else, but it's with a hoooker. That has to feel great.

    3.) Hey kids! Your dad is banging high-price hookers. What a role model!

    Just a bad day for everyone.

    At 9:50 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    At least she was HOT and not some broke down buster.

    At 12:47 PM EDT, Anonymous matt said...

    I saw this whore on TV last night. Apparently, a few of the mens magazines want to have her do a spread, which I can at least understand. Who doesn't want to see what Spitzer was hitting? The problem is that now they are also talking about a recording contract since this chick "sings" between squat-hump appointments. Remember when celebrity went to those that actually earned it?


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