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Friday, May 30, 2008

NYC Crane Collapse

Not long after I heard about the Manhattan crane collapse this morning, my boss and I agreed I should go up there and shoot it. By the time I got there, unfortunately, cops were in a-hole mode and not allowing a whole lot of photographers too close. I take that back; they do have to keep things secure and allowing media free reign is not their top priority.

I did get a few shots, but they're all from a block away, so while I wish I could give you something closer, this is all I've got.

But I will tell you I followed some dude up the elevator in a Marriott right across from the site (91st and 1st), and when he asked me what floor after he hit 15, I said I'll go to 15 as well. He got a little suspicious, but then when I told him what I was up to, he suggested I try the roof.

Considering the hotel's location, I would have had the money shot if it wasn't for that huge red "DO NOT ENTER" sign on the inside of the door leading to the roof, but I didn't risk it.

And for those keeping score at home, this is just a few blocks from my apartment, and today's collapse was the second one on the Upper East Side in three months.

Here are the rest of the pictures.

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At 2:10 PM EDT, Anonymous Wall said...

Good to hear nothing happened to PAE world headquaters.

At 5:31 PM EDT, Blogger Big Primpin' said...

I just had some engineers over here doing a walk-through. All PAE properties are sound.


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