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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Survey Says

A new study out Wednesday shows that CEOs prefer John McCain over Barack Obama by a rate of 4 to 1. Is that a horn that the right should want to toot these days?



At 11:24 AM EDT, Anonymous Wall said...

I'm fairly sure the Repub's will use any + endorsement they can get, I just saw an add that said the KKK endorses McCain over Obama 4 to 0.

At 10:15 AM EDT, Anonymous Matt said...

From which beach resort were they interviewing these CEOs?

At 1:49 PM EDT, Anonymous Miles said...

Other titles for this post

"Rich white out of touch CEOs prefer rich white out of touch candidate"

"McCain promises increased military spending including golden parachutes for all brave CEO bailout heroes"

"McCain captures key CEO vote, might actually win one district in Westchester"

"CEOs prefer McCain 4 to 1, study also finds CEOs prefer screwing over everyone else all the time"

I think this stuff writes itself.

At 2:47 PM EDT, Anonymous ace said...

Reversed racism isn't fresh, nor is class warfare. "struggling to stay in the middle class prefer to keep my own money"


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