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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Katie Did

It's amazing how much buzz Katie Couric's NBC-to-CBS announcement has generated, at least in the news business. I should probably qualify that, because it is indeed a mega-story in the industry, but maybe what's more amazing is the type of buzz I heard all day Wednesday.

Many, many people, especially the female co-workers, have a problem with this. My only problem I have with it is that Ann Curry isn't a shoe-in here to replace Couric. Meredith Vieira? Please.

Opponents don't think Couric will do a good job transitioning from dainty morning snowflake to evening-news hardass. Not the most outlandish opinion I've heard, but what troubles me is that those folks blame Couric for it all. If you, however, were 49 and already had served as The Today Show's longest-serving anchor, and you had a contract expiring in a month and an opportunity down the street to land a bigger plum of a job for a limousine full of cash and would become the first female ever to sit in a network's evening news chair, I'm sure you would say no to the offer and continue waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning as you have been for the last 15 years.

If you want someone to blame, as all Americans do for everything these days, blame Les Moonves for not even sneezing in the direction of Lesley Stahl, if a female presence really was what he was after.

Or just blame the times, because they keep offering up one surprise after another. And I think the surprise to many here will be that Katie will do just fine.

Thoughts On Katie's Big Move?


At 11:11 PM EDT, Blogger chimriley said...

Actually Connie Chung was the first female to sit in an evening news chair. Remember that disastrous experiment with Dan Rather a few years back? And come to think of it, Elizabeth Vargas is the sole anchor over at ABC, now that Jennings died and Woodruff got jacked up in iraq. Ann Curry? Do you watch the Today show? She may be hot, but she can't read dude. I know it's completely unlike me to say I told you so, but Cooley's Hotbox called Meredith Viera months ago.

At 11:56 PM EDT, Blogger Big Primpin' said...

If I recall, Chung was more of a platoon situation, no? And I don't know if Vargas has the goods to do it over the long haul. Couric's contract is the first of its kind, and I look forward to seeing if she can silence all the haters.

You're the second newsperson to call me out about Ann Curry, so I'll have to readjust my judgment, but congratulations on Vieira. You must have really been reading up on the trade pubs that week.

At 4:27 PM EDT, Blogger chimriley said...

I think your words were "the first female ever to sit in a network's evening news chair." So no, Katie's not the first. And Chung wasn't a platoon, she legitimately had the job until the ratings hit the gutter..


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