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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Straight Bawlin'

This time of year is perhaps my favorite. In fact, Final Four weekend is a good way to keep me on the couch, Budweiser in hand, surround-sound on full blast as I take in college basketball's last three games of the season.

And not being the most empathic person I know, I tire more easily than others of heartwarming stories that media members often like to overdramatize.

But one story that keeps making television and newspapers over the last several weeks is that of Jason McElwain, and not only does it keep getting better, but it hasn't yet failed to make me sob.

Can something like that really happen? An autistic teenager who spends the season as team manager at a New York high school gets to suit up for his last game on Senior Night? That's cute and all, but it would be even better if he got in the game. Even better if he got his name in the scoring column. Maybe a long-range three-pointer to bring the home fans to their feet would be pretty cool.

Well, McElwain did all that, and I'm sure you've heard ... he actually made six three-pointers and finished with 20 points in roughly four minutes of action.

Sure the other team's defense might have defended a little half-heartedly on a couple of those shots, but who cares? I sure don't. I typically hate the exploitation of the truly beautiful stories, but not this one. I'll be first in line to see this movie, which hopefully will be made soon.


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