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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Freak Alert

+ Just your basic, run-of-the-mill, ho-hum story about a grown man waiting outside a public restroom so he can eventually tiptoe inside and drink the urine of teenage boys.

+ And how about the Iowa man who kidnapped his own wife and tried to force her to sign a contract that outlined how/how often she had to shave her pubic area, what types of sex acts were required and how quickly after putting their children to bed she had to be naked ... even if he was away traveling on business?

Seriously, y'all, what is wrong with people? I fully understand that mental health is harder to come by for some than others, but what happens inside your heart or your brain over the years that gradually leads you to think, "Yeah, if I just get some young male urine in me, I'll be all set?"

Now I don't deny that we Americans are tremendously overmedicated, but part of being strong is admitting that you're weak, and knowing when to ask for help. I myself have seen therapists, and while my friends might disagree, I think those visits have helped.

I'll write more later. For now, though, I need to make sure all the bodies are still frozen.


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