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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Goodbye, Louisville

The rest of my life started today. I leave Tuesday for a job in news in New York. I'll be a national editor for a major online news provider. I start on Monday, June 5, and in the meantime, I'll be spending this week driving a big, yellow truck up to Cleveland, hanging out with Mom and Mike for a day or two, then on to New York City, ETA Thursday a.m.

I lived in Cincinnati two different times for a total of 14 years, and Louisville twice for a total of four years, and I have to say, I really feel like I'm leaving a lot more in Louisville. What a great city it is. There is nothing quite like the Derby, and next year, instead of lugging camera gear all over the place, perhaps I'll be enjoying the Derby with actual tickets, a drink in one hand and a winning ticket in another.

The reason I think Sunday marked the beginning of the new chapter is because last night many friends showed up at Felt in downtown Louisville to see me off. When groups began to depart after midnight, that's when it hit me that my life was going to change dramatically this week, in ways more than a $1,900 monthly rent check could suggest.

Thanks so much to those who came to Felt. It was a great gathering, and I look forward to a return in the fall and am hopeful for a similar showing then.

I spent Sunday packing up boxes, throwing shit out and procrastinating more than necessary. Thank goodness for Jennifer, who continues to be a positive presence in my life, and will spend the summer with me before grad school comes calling in August. Without her, I'd probably just be starting to pack tonight, but she's pretty good at getting my unmotivated ass to work.

Alright, enough for now. I'll try to update this shite a few times this week. That's good news for both of you.


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