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Monday, July 30, 2007

Review: My Party

I've been here in NYC barely more than a year, and I had my second successful party on Saturday. The weather was here; wish you were beautiful.

It got off to a slow start, as it thoroughly resembled the 2007 U.S. National Swordfight Championships until 10:30 or so. Mostly dudes.

But gals eventually started to show up in pairs, and things were nicely balanced at about 11.

My apartment got so crowded that a lot of folks headed up to the roof. Fortunately, the rain held off and the entire party moved up there after midnight. I was preparing my usual array of food plates until then, before I finally decided to start enjoying myself and drinking some of the many beers people were bringing. I'd bought 72 beers and had some wine and liquor, but watching every other arrival walk in with a sixer told me I'd have a full fridge for the next month. However, when a friend and I -- the last ones down from the roof -- came back down at about 4 a.m., there were only about a dozen or so beers left.

And once I'd gotten to the roof at 12:30 or so, it was outstanding. Work people, non-work-people, complete strangers, it was a solid vibe. I probably had about 40 people up there for at least an hour or so, then some folks started to call it a night.

At one point, I'd told my gorgeous friend Sapna that I need to stop bringing her around my male friends because the next time I talk to them, they always say the same thing: "What's up with your friend Sapna? She's hot. Is she seeing anyone?"

A split second later, Dave shot back with something smart about how eight days before my party I left an invite with a lovely hostess at one of my favorite restaurants, a hostess I'd never met.

A split second after that, there she was, pushing through the rooftop door with two of her girlfriends. Being beautiful and incredibly sharp, and overall quite likable, she ended up being the talk of the party. Hopefully this won't be the last time you read about her.

As she and I were enjoying good conversation on the southern edge of the roof, I heard the sounds of appreciative party-goers who were nice enough to pick up all the empties and toss them into a couple of garbage bags.

The next morning, I ran back up there to pick up a few bottle tops and cigarette butts, but for the most part, things were cleaned up. Now it's time to fix up the apartment, which I'm sure I'll be skilled enough to turn into a week-long project.

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At 11:25 AM EDT, Anonymous Booz said...

2007 National Swordfight Championships, now thats funny.

At 3:29 PM EDT, Anonymous wall said...

Sounds great!, wish I could have been there.

At 10:22 AM EDT, Anonymous Miles said...

Maybe with all that recycled bottle money you can buy an air conditioner larger than a matchbox car.

Is Sapna accepting new patients as this time? I could use a checkup.


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