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Monday, April 14, 2008

Politics As Usual

How's your day going at work today? Is there anything that has troubled you or your boss or maybe your entire department or company lately?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you can relax, because help is on the way. Just call anyone running for an elected office, because they have all the answers to any possible problem.

I don't know what amazes me more: the fact that Clinton, McCain and Obama seem to have a solution to every issue in America or that we believe it when they say they do. Each has an easy fix for the economy, Iraq, environmental issues, education, health care, the mortgage crisis, budget problems, and so on. I can't help but wonder how they got so smart.

If the solutions are so easy, why do they wait until they run for president to put these ideas into action? My advice to them would be to get some things done beforehand, and the masses will notice. I seriously think I'd prefer a candidate who was strong in, say, three of the aforementioned areas, but claimed on the campaign trial that he'd assemble a cabinet that would be strong in those other areas where he or she might not have as much experience. Isn't honesty the best policy?

Something as small as the department I work in is a perfect example of this. My current boss is skilled in the areas he needs to be skilled in. He's got a wealth of experience in many areas, and a working knowledge in a couple others. I've got my niche, and the other editors on our team have his and her own as well. So individually, we have strengths and weaknesses, but overall, we're a well-rounded group. Yet the three presidential candidates seem to think they'll have every answer for every crisis. And there are many crises before us right now.

The candidates are either tremendously egotistical, or they think their voters are that shallow to believe all of their promises. The sad thing is that it all adds up to politics as usual, and that's one issue none of the candidates will ever try to fix.



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