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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Review: "Get Overserved"

Good buddy Marc took me to a private screening of "Get Smart" the other night.

It was in midtown and started early, so there I was thinking it was safe to leave the crib on a schoolnight.

But the cocktail hour turned out to be more like two hours, and they served many tall, strong drinks. And even after the mediocre two-hour movie, I was still without the better judgment to call it a night, so we made a couple stops before I went home to get my less-than-four hours of sleep before work.

But I did get to meet the darling Anne Hathaway. I didn't really talk to her at length or anything, but in the very brief exchange we did have she surely seemed as sweet as her smile.



At 2:08 PM EDT, Anonymous Miles said...

I take it that the photo was snapped before one of your more famous lines came out of your mouth?

"What's up sluts?"
"Hey Lisa...Jennifer...Susie..."
"Did I meet you during a blackout?"

At 10:53 AM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dude your wife is hot

At 11:37 AM EDT, Anonymous Trane said...

nice photoshop dude.


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