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Thursday, June 19, 2008


I know this will sadden many, but the PUMA bag (seen at rest here in a 2006 file photo) has been put down.

After more than five years of serving as a great utility whilst causing me great ridicule, this thing just got torn to shreds and is now in a garbage can.

I bought it in Singapore for a very cheap price, and I felt very Euro when I used it, but many thought it was too reminiscent of a bowling bag. That didn't stop me, though, as I merely shrugged off the locker-room insults from Ohio- and Kentucky-based critics who somehow thought they were qualified to evaluate my tremendous fashion sense.

Its replacement so far hasn't exactly been what I'm looking for in an over-the-shoulder bag, but I couldn't possibly have expected similar results.

Good night, PUMA bag. Godspeed.



At 1:16 PM EDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great story. It's the Shindler's List of bag stories.

At 11:45 AM EDT, Anonymous Wall said...

" I've got a bag for you "....
Ohio based critic.

At 11:00 AM EDT, Anonymous Miles said...

Sorry to hear that your purse died. Maybe treat yourself to a cosmo and a viewing of the Sex and the City movie to lift your spirits.


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