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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fey, Palin and Mom

Tina Fey and her like-minded creative lefties, in their humorous efforts to rail on the right, I think are now overdoing it to the point that Sarah Palin has become a somewhat sympathetic figure.

Fey no doubt does a great Palin impersonation, but that it's repeated as often as it is might be what's behind a recent -- albeit slight -- increase in the VP candidate's popularity. I did read about one poll after Palin's "SNL" appearance last weekend that suggested she's been a good sport about Fey and seems more likable.

Can you tell I'm paranoid?

My mom and me have been talking more politics this year than we ever have, and one thing we disagree on is whether the many months between the end of the primaries and Nov. 4 give an edge to McCain. I felt back in the spring that election day couldn't get here soon enough, that there was too much time for Karl Rove to fire up the Republican hate machine, but moms is a lot more confident.

Mom is often right about many things. I hope her confidence is accurate again here.

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