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Friday, October 17, 2008

Review: Comedy Night

My charming friend Meggie was kind enough to accept my invitation to see two of my friends perform stand-up at Gotham Comedy Club Thursday night.

I've seen buds Dave Balutanski and Brian Sloan perform there once before, and was looking forward to this occasion because Dave's email blast promised familar jokes and even some new shit.

Dave has a great bit where he's verbally accosted by some Chelsea passersby who accuse him loudly of being a homo. When Dave denies, one of the thugs screams, "Prove it."

I presume it's much easier to prove you do prefer the company of men, especially in Chelsea, but is there a convenient gesture to prove you're not gay to some street punks 30 feet away?

Dave gave a sarcastic flex-n-growl and had the house howling.

Brian seemed a little nervous before the show. I came to this conclusion after seeing his sweaty face and hearing him say, "Dude, I'm pretty nervous man," or something like that. I should seriously consider detective work on the side.

But Brian delivered a great real-life tale that he told using a pretty simple prop: a printed-out, several-line email from his erstwhile boss who cited a lack of professional compatibility as the reason behind her decision to fire him in recent weeks. Death by email is far from cool, but the bitch seemed to have accidentally sent it early because it ended with this: "...in Septem"

A nice surprise was when Jim Gaffigan showed up and gave a very smooth 15-minute set that drew plenty of hearty laughter. He's kind of got some Brian Regan in him in that he keeps the language clean -- he seems to enjoy observing the language as well -- and you can tell he likes to analyze the odd things people say and do while trying to pass them off as normal behavior. Like camping.

Anyway, I've been a fan of his since he was doing Rolling Rock commercials at least a decade ago, and he's now on a pretty decent TBS sitcom called "My Boys."

After all that, we ran down the street afterward and watched that excellent Red Sox comeback at Jake's Saloon.



At 12:25 PM EDT, Anonymous Wall said...

" My Boys " is atrocious. What a waste of Gaffigan's prodigous talent.


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