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Thursday, February 26, 2009

This Just Happened

A general newsroom phone was ringing, so I picked up with a general greeting: "Hello, (my TV station)."

Caller: "Is this MSNBC?"

Me: "No."

Caller: "OK, I want you to get a message to Keith Olbermann."

Me: "Did you not hear me when I said 'No'?"

Caller: "Tell him to make a special comment about Rush Limbaugh on his show tonight. Limbaugh needs to quit saying nasty things about Obama."

Me: "Did you want to ask me who I worked for?"

Caller: "No, just make sure Olbermann says it on tonight's show. Do you need my name?"

Me: "Do you need to know who I work for? When I told you I didn't work for MSNBC, how do you know I don't work for Tasty Joe's Pizza?"

Caller: "Are you on the same floor as Olbermann?"

Me: "Yes, I will get the message to him right away."

Caller: "Thank you."


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

38-Year-Old Roommate

I put a little hint out there on Saturday, and got some snarky feedback. Now I'd like all of you to weigh in here, but first let me drop a disclaimer or two:

I'm fully aware that being 38 and moving in with roommates isn't the coolest move of all-time. But things are done a little differently here in New York. Certainly if you're among my Ohio or Kentucky friends, the idea sounds absurd. Even some of you New Yorkers have thrown some insults my way in recent days.

But regardless of where you live, if you're my friend, you've probably heard me lament once or 100 times my financial situation over the years. Since I got out of college, I think I can only remember one brief stretch where I was happy on the money front. And it wasn't when I had a good, "respectable" job in news; it was when I was valet parking cars and juggling some freelance gigs from, say, around 1997-99.

Anyway, this roommate situation is far from permanent. It will save me $1,300 in rent and utilities each month. I think if I was trying to save $250 or $300, I could find another 1BR for myself at a better price in the same neighborhood, especially in the current rental market. There really are some good deals out there right now.

But we're talking about thirteen hundred dollars every month. In one year, that's $15,000. And I'm the guy who this month, for the first time in his adult life, has just gotten out of debt. People come to New York and get in debt. I got out of it. And it's now time to start socking away the money, and doing so in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn is a fun place in which to do it.

So let me hear your comments please. Thanks.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Good Reading

From brokedickdog.


Monday, February 09, 2009


Facebook is the great uniter, of course, but that doesn't mean getting in touch with old friends is always delightful.

A former crush from college days -- yes, many years ago -- tracked me down and as we played the fun game of "How did we meet?" she dropped this nugget on me:

"Another fun memory I have of you my friend (since you do enjoy memory lane) was...I think I was on a CWEST treasure hunt/mission sort of thing, anyway, we ran into you delivering pizzas and you looked like absolute shit. I think you said that you hadn't showered, shaved, nor slept in a week (it may have been finals). And your eyes were so red and about to pop out of your eye sockets. I felt two things...sorry for you and disgusted (affectionately) disgusted at the same time! Gotta love ya John!"


Friday, February 06, 2009

Facebook 25

Everyone else is doing it, so I took the plunge. Except this list is a little bit different:

My 25 ... Annoying Things About Facebook:

  1. Unfunny people.

  2. Virtual snowballs.

  3. Flair.

  4. Spam.

  5. Define me requests.

  6. Cause invitations. I'm not at all charitable.

  7. Christmas ornament requests. Fuck the holidays.

  8. Green patches.

  9. Your birthday.

  10. Anything to do with Star Wars.

  11. Or mob wars.

  12. Bumper stickers.

  13. Unfunny people.

  14. Hottie requests.

  15. When your child is your profile pic. Yay, kids.

  16. People who can't wait to switch to "in a relationship."

  17. People who can't wait to switch to "single."

  18. People who friended me when I worked at FOX because they saw I was friends with other FOX people and they like FOX.

  19. People in general.

  20. How the fuck is your relationship status complicated and why do we need to know that? Just don't list it, drama queen.

  21. Pictures are cool and all, but do you need to post every one you've ever taken?

  22. All the dumb apps on my boxes page. Did I really do all that?

  23. Bikini pics and pics of your car. Oh, wait, that's MySpace.

  24. Unfunny people.

  25. The fact that I still like Facebook.

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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Pops would have turned 78 today. Happy Birthday, Dad!