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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Review: How To Date A Male Model

I dated a gal who left a magazine at my apartment a couple months ago. I was cleaning up the crib the other day and saw the February copy of "Elle," a magazine I typically wouldn't read, but when Jessica Alba is on the cover and looking like, well, Jessica Alba, one might be inclined to take a peek.

So I skipped past the "Lose Those Last Five Pounds" and "What About HIS Orgasm?" stories and came across one interestingly entitled, "How To Date A Male Model."

I've occasionally made reference here to my hopes long, long ago of becoming a male model -- ask me about the toothpaste story! -- though we know how that hair-brained enterprise ended. And while I'm not personally trying to date a male model, I figured Min Katrina Lieskovsky's first-person tale would be outstanding, and it was.

Often published stories of sex and general debauchery are told by arrogant men who think nothing of the consequences of their objectifying writing, let alone the earlier behavior that inspires it. So I was curious to see how a 20-something woman could pull off the same approach, but I wouldn't say it was overly objectifying. Lieskovsky didn't go overboard like, say, Tucker Max, but she wasn't entirely without a selfish arrogance. Overall, though, it was an honest and very well-written piece, and it's certainly worth reading. Even in the glossies, it's hard to beat clever writing about something honest and sexy.



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