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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Review: Comedy Time

I went to see a friend do stand-up comedy at Caroline's in midtown Monday night. I was pretty surprised when "Saturday Night Live" veteran Darrell Hammond was called to the stage after the opening comic.

Hammond was pretty funny. He said he hadn't done stand-up in a while, so perhaps he's working on some new material or something. I laughed out loud after a few of his jokes, including this one: "I recently gave up drinking after I finally realized I'd been spending too much time in this huge bar called ... Mexico."

And although comedy-show hosts usually annoy the shit out of anyone, and Monday's was no exception, he did offer one funny one: "I read the other day that scientists discovered a mysterious white substance on Mars. In a related story, Amy Winehouse was seen packing her bags and looking into flights."



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